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Individual salaried taxpayers with annual income exceeding INR 50 Lacs are required to file their annual ITR in Form ITR-1

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Understanding Income Tax Return (ITR)

Individuals, except senior citizens, have to mandatorily file the ITR through the online mode which is also known as electronic filing, i.e. e-filing of the income tax return.
An income tax return is a form that a person is required to submit to the Income Tax Department.

It contains information related to individual’s income and taxes paid, starting from 1st April to 31st March of the financial year. There are seven ITR forms prescribed by the Income Tax Department according to the amount of income, income source and the category to which the taxpayer belongs.

You can file your income tax returns online, either on the income tax department’s website or with us at Digital Filings. Income Tax filing or e-filling is made easy on Digital Filings. You can e-file your returns in just 3 minutes without any manual effort. Also, note that the due date to e-file your income tax returns for the assessment year 2022-23 is on or before 31st July 2022.

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Indian Taxation Department has mandated every Indian Citizen, including businesses and individuals, to file their respective annual ITRs in the prescribed Forms.

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Taxation Specialists at Digital Filings can effectively assist businesses and individuals in correctly identifying the appropriate ITR Forms, while also seamlessly help them in computing their annual taxable amounts and filing their annual ITRs.

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How we Do It…

All salaried individuals with annual income not exceeding INR 50 Lacs are supposed to file their annual ITR through Form ITR-1. Partner at Digital Filings can efficiently assist you in completing the procedure.


These Documents and Details are Critical

While filing the annual ITR, general information regarding the taxpayer and documents supporting the provided details is required. Along with the relevant information, tax- payers’ financial performance is also required in order to compute the taxable amount. Digital Filings team shall assist you arranging all the information as per your convenience.


Let’s Find the Best Method

Tax- Payers can submit their respect Form ITR- 1 SAHAJ to the Income Tax Department in a number of ways. Partners at Digital Filings will assist the applicant in selecting the most suitable method as mentioned here- forth:

  • Paper Form – It is an offline method. Individuals above 80 years of age or Individuals not earning more than INR 5 Lacs (no return claimed) are eligible to file a return in the paper form.
  • Digital Signature – It is an online method which requires the digital signature of the taxpayer.
  • Electronic Verification – Again, an online method where data is transmitted electronically and the ITR application is submitted through e- verification using the valid verification code.
  • Submission of ITR- V – It is also an online way of filing the annual ITR, where data is transmitted electronically. For verification purpose, a copy of ITR- V is sent to Income Tax Department CPC, Bengaluru via post.

Filing the ITR Successfully

After choosing the suitable method and placing the information in the right place, an expert at Digital Filings will carry forward the tax filing process. Tax- Payers shall be notified through e- mail or phone on a successful filing of the return.

ITR filing services in Delhi

You may be a salaried person, self-employed, or entrepreneur in India. However, when your income is under a tax bracket, you have to pay the income tax. Although Indian companies and firms have a particular tax rate, other taxpayers have to focus on their income slabs. For filing your income tax, you need to fill the Income Tax Return form.

The Central Government has imposed a tax on your income, and as an Indian citizen, you should file the income tax. The concerned department will check your income documents. When you have paid an additional amount, it will refund that amount. Thus, file your income tax with our best ITR filing service in Delhi. At Digital Filings, we have a team of professionals to help you.

ITR filing – Why should you never avoid it?

The Indian government has taken strict measures to force taxpayers to stay compliant with the Income Tax filing rules. There are several advantages of filing your income tax filing-

  • Get your loans very easily
  • Get some refunds on the tax payments
  • Avoid embarrassments and penalties
  • Find better credit status
  • Prove yourself as a good and responsible citizen

ITR not filed? Know what would happen

  • A penalty of Rs. 10,000 for not filing your ITR at the right time
  • A penalty of Rs. 5,000 for delaying in tax return filing
  • A penalty of Rs.1,000 for small taxpayers whose annual income is not more than Rs. 5 Lakh

Belated filing will result in several other restrictions and penalties. There is no option for revising your belated return. To avoid these issues, you can rely on our ITR filing service provider in Delhi.

Importance documents for ITR

We decide on it after learning about your income source. However, the most common documents needed for ITR are-

  • The previous year’s tax return copy that mentions profits and losses.
  • TDS certificates- showing the already paid taxes
  • Bank statements- Referring to the interest paid to loans
  • Savings certificates and deductions
  • Any disability certificates for deductions
  • For your business, you have to show your balance sheets and account statements revealing profits and loss

Mistakes in the ITR filing process

Without our professional help, you have a chance of making mistakes in ITR-

  • Not reporting the income sources- You may have missed your earnings on FDs and savings account. Banks may deduct 10% TDS on the amount earned from FDs.
  • No tax paid on your property- Some Indians think that they do not need to pay tax for owning multiple residents. It is not true.
  • Address not correct- Both email address and postal address should be correct.

 Best ITR Filing Service Provider Near Me

ITR filing becomes easy with our services. We answer your questions and ensure that you have maintained accuracy while filling the form. Our team always values your data and follows the data security standards. Your data will be safe with us. Thus, you may hire us to make your ITR filing process successful. The tax filing process will become easier to you.

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