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Any Registered Company can easily change its name post acquiring relevant approvals from its shareholders and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

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Understanding Company Name Change Process

A company uses a name for its identification purposes and that can be changed as per the management’s desire after receiving consent from shareholders of the Company and MCA. This can, however, be done any time after incorporation of the Company. Change in the name will not have any impact on the existence of a Company, while its assets, liabilities, and functioning of will stay the same.

The process of selection of a name is quite similar to the procedure followed by a Company at the time of its incorporation. For altering the Company’s unique identity / the name, the board members need to pass a board resolution as well as a special resolution, acquire permission from MCA for the name change, and also file an application for approval for the new name. Once the MCA accepts the name change, a new certificate of incorporation is issued which needs to be used for making further changes in Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) of the entity.

Key Reasons of Company Name Change

Name that Clicks

Fresh Start

Copyright Issue

Ownership Changes

Product Category

Famous Product

Name that Clicks

In case a Company finds its name as not very catchy and that people tend to easily forget it then business owners are advised to adopt a new Company name that’s attractive and unforgettable.

Ownership Changes

Most of the times, merger of two businesses result in combined name for the newly formed organization that reflects the association of both the Companies.

Product Category

A Company that is exploring new markets can choose a name that can smartly define the launch of any new product as well.

Fresh Start

Businesses involve several uncertainties and sometimes its identity gets tarnished due to some bad decisions. Such Company can change its name to distance itself from past and start afresh.

Copyright Issue

If a Company failed to obtain a copyright for its existing name in the past, then it is advisable to adopt and copyright a new name in order to avoid any disputes in future.

Famous Product

Often companies get renowned by the most popular product and use that product’s name for better recognition in the market.

Required Documentation Chart

Company Name Change Documents
  • Scanned copy of existing Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA and AOA in word format
  • List of Directors and Shareholders of the company
  • Digital Signature of authorized Director(s)
  • Rubber Stamp of authorized Director(s)
  • List of Proposed Name(s) in order of preference

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In case the management of a Registered Company decides to change the Entity’s Name, then it can be done with the consent of its Shareholders and the Approval of the Registrar of Companies.
Trained Experts @ Digital Filings can efficiently assist you getting your Company’s Name Changed and Registered, while you focus on the Company’s Growth.

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An entity can decide to change its name due to several reasons and for to do that a prescribed format and process needs be followed. Partners @ Digital Filings can help you in getting your Company’s Name Changed with ease and proficiency.


The Consent is Critical

A Company cannot change its name without the consent of existing Directors and Shareholders. The directors pass a board resolution as well as special resolution to take the process further.


Availability Check

Once the Board of Directors finalizes a new name of the firm, the availability of the elected name is checked under Reserve Unique Name (RUN) facility. Registrar of Company (ROC) will approve the new name only if it is unique in nature and not identical to any existing names.


This Convention is Extraordinary

After acquiring a thumbs-up from RoC on the finalized name, the directors organize an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of shareholders where a special resolution is passed. The conference is, however, to be notified at least 21 days prior to proposing the EGM’s agenda.


Application Filing

If more than 75% of shareholders agree on Company’s name change decision, the application is filed to RoC along with special resolution and other relevant documents.


Viola! Here it is Done!

Post a satisfactory inspection of the submitted paperwork, the registrar issues a fresh certificate of Incorporation.

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