Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) Registration

Individuals, liable to deduct or collect tax at source, are obliged to get TAN Registration from the Income Tax Department (ITD) of India.

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Understanding TAN Registration

TAN Registration is a ten-digit alphanumeric code which is mandatory for proprietors only, as they are liable for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS) at the behest of the government. This unique ten-digit code is disclosed while filing TDS and / or TCS return, collected by respective proprietors at the time of depositing salary, payment to contractors and other expenses. It is to be noted that TAN Registration is not required by salary-class individuals.

As per the provision issued by Income Tax Department (ITD) under Section 203-A, entities collecting TDS and / or TCS on behalf of the government are bound to file the return on every quarter of the year along with TDS and / or TCS Payment Challans. One necessarily needs TAN in order to file the return. Also, missing on any compliance of the guidelines under Section 203-A will lead to a penalty of INR 10,000/-.

Key-Reasons to Apply for TAN Registration

Lifetime Validity

Legally Obligatory

Convenient Process

Mandatory for TDS

Lifetime Validity

An individual liable to register for TAN doesn’t require renewing it. Registration and attainment of the TAN is a one-time process that is valid for lifetime.

Legally Obligatory

As per Section 203-A, all individuals engaged in proprietorship form of business are bound to register for TAN. ITD has obligated entity representatives to collect TDS and TCS on government’s behalf, while for filing returns of the collected tax, a proprietor requires TAN.

Convenient Process

TAN registration by the liable individuals can be done online as well as offline and the overall process is quite simple and requires less government documentation.

Mandatory for TDS

TDS Payments are the amounts deducted by at proprietor at the time of operations such as transfer of salary, payment of rent (exceeding INR 1,80,000 annually), and others. The sum collected is government revenue, which is received by an individual on behest of government and credited at the time of filing TDS return, for this whole process, an individual must have a TAN.

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TAN registration is Mandatory for Individuals Carrying Out Proprietorship Business for TDS and TCS Purposes.
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Practiced partners at Digital Filings can help you in registering and attaining your TAN in about 7 to 10 working days.


Embarking on the Application Process

Diligent agents at Digital Filings will gather all the required information and also obtain your signature on necessary papers, as per your convenience. Under our close supervision, all your critical information would be in safe hands.


Lodging Application

On accomplishing the application process an acknowledgment paper is delivered by ITD which further needs to be submitted at Tax Identification Number (TIN) facilitation center. Our proficient representative will efficiently manage the entire procedure.


TAN Attainment

The ITD carefully examines the disclosed information. After thoroughly ensuring the information provided in the application, the TAN Certificate will be granted to you which you can use for filing returns.

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