Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is an intellectual property (IP) that establishes ownership of an artwork and enables owners to protect their work that cannot be reproduced without their consent.

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Understanding Copyright Registration

Copyright is essentially a legal safeguard provided to the creators of any art work, including internet content, paintings, music, films, software, and others under Section 13 of The Copyright Act, 1957. The creators are not obliged to register their efforts for copyright, however, it is strongly recommended as doing so entitles them certain rights including Rights of Reproduction, adaptation, and translation of the work, and communication to the public.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) aims to protect the original artwork (irrespective of its quality) to ensure that creativity gets rewarded. There are several forms of artwork protected with types of copyrights as follows:

  • Literary Work: Any form or style of literary work such as fiction, dramatics, biography, scripts, research work, tables, and computer database.
  • Artistic Work: Artwork consisting of paintings, sculptures, cartoons, photography, building models, and others
  • Cinematographic Film: It includes all kind of recorded work with audio and visual effects.
  • Drama: Any scenic arrangement performed in front of an audience as per writing work.
  • Music Work: A music work doesn’t include lyrics or sound and is separate copyrightable work in itself.
  • Sound Recording: Any recorded audio with a singer’s voice.

Copyright serves as a documentation of records where an owner of a work can approach in case of a dispute. Moreover, Copyright is an intangible asset that can be further transferred or sold and commercially contracted in future. The Act, however, doesn’t protect ideas and methods of operations or any mathematical concept.

Key Benefits of Copyright Registration

Legitimate Security

Established Identity

Creator’s Rights

No Unauthorized Duplicity

Global Relevance

Legitimate Security

Copyright serves as a significant proof of ownership in case of a legal dispute and protects the original creator’s rights through legitimate procedures.

Global Relevance

The Copyright Registration certificate is valid worldwide and ensures similar protection / privileges to art work owners domestically and globally.

Established Identity

Copyright affirms readers / users that the art work creators / owners are concerned about their original work and willing to protect it from duplicity.

No Unauthorized Duplicity

Copyright Registration grants several legal powers to art work owners to protect their original work from infringement thus obstructing unauthorized reproduction.

Creator’s Rights

Through a successful Copyright Registration, art work creator is entitled to certain rights, including Rights of Reproduction, Adaptation, and Translation of the original work and communication to the public. The rights, however, differ for diverse compositions of art work.

Required Documentation Chart

Copyright Registration Documents

For a Company / Entity / Partnership Firm

  • Scanned copy of Certification of Incorporation
  • Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement / Telephone or Mobile Bill / Utility Bills (Electricity / Water / Gas)
  • Scanned copy of Notarized Rental Agreement in English

For an Individual / Sole Proprietor

  • Personal details of the applicant including address and nationality
  • Specimen signature (blank document with signature)
  • Self Attested and Scanned copy of Voter’s ID / Passport / Driver’s License
  • Nature of Copyright
  • Class of the Artwork
  • Title of the work
  • Language of the work
  • Date of publication (if published)

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Though Copyright Registration is not Obligatory for the Art Work Owners, however, it is Experts @ Digital Filings suggest to get your original work registered to enjoy various aligned benefits.

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Trained Experts @ Digital Filings can proficiently take care of all the Copyright Registration work to safeguard your art work.

What People Frequently Ask…

What if someone else copies the art-work owner’s original work after filing for copyright registration?

You should immediately send a legal notice to safeguard your ownership on the work. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then you can also file a case against the third party claiming infringement of your unique content.

How to check whether an artwork has already been registered under the Copyright Act?

There is no specific way or mechanism of ascertaining it. You can conduct research on the Internet and are suggested to use Google search engine to do so.

What is the validity of a Copyright Registration?

The validity varies according to the nature of work. In the case of Literary, musical, dramatic and artistic work, the validity is counted from the date of the death of the creator and is valid for the next 60 years. Whereas, in case of recordings, photographs, anonymous, and pseudonymous publications the work is protected for the next 60 years from the date of publication.

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a Copyright Registration?

Yes, with due consent of the owner you can sell or franchise the content ownership following the specified legal procedure.

Can more than one person own a same Copyright?

In case two or more people have worked on the creation of an original work, then multiple parties can share ownership of such content’s copyright.

Is it mandatory to Register Copyright?

Copyright Registration is a voluntary decision and a creator is not obliged to do so. Although, it ensures ownership of art work and also entitles with certain benefits. So it is advisable to register copyrights of original work.

Pocket-Friendly Options

How we Do It…

Indian government introduced Copyrights act In order to safeguard creator’s original piece of art work. Partners @ Digital Filings will assist you in registering your work to establish ownership.


Let’s Collect the Facts

Expert @ Digital Filings will gather all the relevant details and arrange them in a prescribed manner to proceed towards copyright registration process. We will assist the art-work owners with classification of their work to prepare the application.


File Submission Time

After properly organizing the relevant details and attaining the owner’s signature on necessary documents, the copyright expert will submit the file to Copyright Registrar and will manage the legal formalities.


And all Set

After filing the petition of Copyright Registration, art work owner will receive a diary number. It takes a few months to receive approval from this date. During this time, Digital Filings’ team will keep you updated regarding application status.


We are There to Help!

In case of any objection raised by any third party or by the examiner / registrar, art-work owners are supposed to revert within 45-days. Don’t worry, partners @ Digital Filings will provide assistant and manage all relevant tasks proficiently.

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